Sunday, 13 November 2016

Powerful vibrating foam roller MAXIMISE YOUR RESULTS

Powerful vibrating foam roller MAXIMISE YOUR RESULTSPulseroll, what is it, how will it benefit me and why should I invest in one....?

Pulseroll is a Vibrating Foam Roller that is the next generation of foam rolling. Used by various types of Professional Athletes, gym and yoga enthusiasts, it is also ideal to help with long standing muscular problems such as back pain or tight shoulders.

Designed with the latest technology, combining pressure and vibration helping to keep muscles loose, increase blood flow and flush away lactic acid. Pulseroll gently warms your muscles similar as sports massage and allows deeper penetration bringing you pain relief. As a result you will avoid much of next day soreness that can happen after a intensive training session.

The Pulseroll can become an important part of your stretching routine when warming up and also cooling down. Due to the deep tissue penetration and self-myofascial release it can be used to speed up your injury rehabilitation and can work alongside your physiotherapy treatments.

Pulseroll is ultraportable weighing only 1 kilo and is ideal to use at the gym, work or in the comfort of your home. Battery life is an impressive 3 hours and is easily rechargeable with the charging adapter. Vibrating foam rollers are proven to speed up recovery, significantly increase flexibility & elasticity.

Pulseroll is a proven piece of fitness equipment that can greatly help with your flexibility, elasticity and improve the quality of your life in regards to muscle discomfort.


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