Thursday, 19 May 2016

Tips for Bulimia - Give me 7 minutes & Get 3 Powerful Bulimia Recovery Tips - FREE!

So, there are three recovery tips any bulimic would want to know.

But first thing first, what is bulimia?

Bulimia (also known as “bulimia nervosa” or “mia”) is an eating disorder that is characterized by two things:

- frequent episodes of binge eating in very short periods of time;

- behaviors to compensate those binge episodes.

Bulimia is a very dangerous life-threatening eating disorder.

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Now, back to the bulimia recovery tips.

This video reveals 3 main tips on bulimia recovery that will help you with your recovery.

Tip # 1 – eat regular balanced meals. That will help you to prevent hunger and get rid of binge urges as well. Eating regular meals will help to get rid of binging and purging.

Tip # 2 – work on the underline issues. You need to get to the core of your disorder. If you want to learn more about bulimia underline issues – subscribe to my channel “Battle your bulimia”

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Tip # 3 – Get more support! Expand your support network and find as many people you can trust and open up as possible. It is a crucial step. I know it can cause very strong anxiety. It happens because of feeling of shame, guilt. Bulimia is a secretive eating disorder. The more light you lead on it the weaker it is.

To make this easier for you I created a step by step PDF: “How to tell someone you have an eating disorder”.

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And I'll see you on the other side

Liza “Best Bulimia Tips” Kulimanova

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