Thursday, 14 July 2016

Lumixyl - Prevent unwanted skin discoloration

As soon as you notice pigmentation changes it will be time to try and stop them before they become too severe. The ideal way to do this is with a brightening cream, and it will be the tool to use to combat the dark marks that come with the excessive production of melanin. It is one thing to deal with the issue as it arises, but you will also want a product that will make sure that they do not come back. A product that is different to the others is Lumixyl. Here is an in-depth review of the product.

What is it?

Moisturizer –This beauty product has natural emollients and humectants: glycerine, pentylene glycol, Capric triglycerides, cetearly alcohol and sodium PCA. What's more, it has sodium hyaluronate that is able to reach your dermis and fill the gaps between connective fibers with moisture. With it, you can always keep your skin hydrated.

Natural skin lightening agent – This is its main role, and licorice root extract is the ingredient that boosts skin lightening especially for atopic dermatitis sufferers. This, along with phenylethyl Resorcinol and allantoin are capable of removing a layer of dark skin and sterilize it.

Removes dark skin spots

When there is overproduction of melanin, dark spots appear on the skin this beauty cream will decelerate the process, fortunately, through the help of the peptide in it. Unlike hydroquinone, it does not bleach your skin. It restrains tyrosinase enzyme that causes production of melanin.


- It is clinically tested by medical staff and thoroughly researched by researchers at Stanford University.

- It is a great alternative to FDA-disapproved hydroquinone.


- It won't work well as a pigment spots treatment because of its light and thin consistency.


Users have been introduced to the product by medical staff and have been delighted with the results. Some seem to see a slight difference within a matter of weeks of using it, while others admit that they have had to wait a little longer before the fading is noticeable. It may be a long term project, but as the skin becomes brighter and paler it is clear that it is worth the time spent waiting. Studies carried out to gauge the effectiveness of the cream found that within 8 weeks there was a 40% improvement in the color of the skin.


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