Friday, 29 July 2016

Manatee county home picking a top broker

Manatee county home picking a top broker

 Todd Rentschler at Forbes Property Group was such a tremendous help in 

getting my elderly parents  settled into Sarasota. They helped them so much without making them 

feeling so behind the times. We 

found Forbes Property Group through their Facebook page from a friend 

who shared it. It was a great video of 

one of the houses for sale. 

She felt it would be a great place for my family 

member. I called their number 

to ask some questions about the video we had seen. In the end we figured out the house would be 

too big for them and totally out of their price range.

            So with the agent's help I got my family member to thin down 

their needs and wants. Our agent 

did a little research and found a few houses that fit 

the things they were looking for. 

Most of my family isn't really computer savvy so it was hard 

to get to get some agents to help them because they couldn't 

send them texts The entire FPG 

Team helped to fix this with person to person meetings and phone 

calls. They even printed out condos 

for us to look at the old fashion way. They 

were remarkable and my family loved the extra care 

they took with them.

            The agent even had a lender call them and help to find out what they could afford 

to spend. 

In the end they made a great purchase and are totally in love with their 

new home. It has an extra bedroom 

for the weekend sleepovers with the grandkids, which happened to be 

on their “need list”.   I love 

seeing them settled in a place where they are truthfully 

happy. Thank you so much to our favorite agent!

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