Monday, 21 March 2016

Review of Rise of Mythos Guild Showdown

Rise of Mythos is a free game that combines strategy and MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games). This game is based on a fantasy theme and the primary goal is a development of a player’s character. 

If you are at the beginning, the game can be a little bit confusing. A character in the game is called a “Hero” that has its helm, armor, weapon, cape, earrings, necklace, ring, steed and accessory. A player is developing his hero by winning battles. In order to win a battle, a player needs to reduce his opponent’s HP to 0 by using cards that are handed to the player at the beginning of player’s turn. A player needs to click on the card in order to summon it onto the battlefield and then also click on a glowing tile to use it in defending himself from the Goblins. The enemy takes its turn after the player’s turn. Summoning more cards helps in the fight with the enemy. Player’s other duties beside fighting battles are claiming taxes, grabbing boosters, finishing dailies, fusing and combining, and setting sail. A player has many tabs available. The “Shop” tab contains different card packs or items that you can purchase with silver, gold or rubies. “Set” contains general card packs that contain more than one race and skills and a card with a specific skill. More powerful cards will be available as a player makes progress. In the “Race” tab there are card packs specific to a certain race of creatures. “Event” special card packs can only be purchased with gold or rubies. In the tab “Items” a player can find items from guns, a steed or class change crystal but there are no cards here. The main way of fighting battles are cards. A deck can have a maximum of 30 cards. “Quests” are separated in different quests and it is important to complete as many as possible each day. The quests are divided into main quests, branch quests, daily quests, event quests and guild quests. A player also needs to play attention to his reputation system that works with his skill system. Starting a level 10 a player can join “Guilds” where is possible to connect with other players. “Rise of Mythos Guild Showdown” is only one of many features that are available to the player if he joins a guild. When clicking on the “Guild Showdown” button (also known as GS, GSD and SD) it is possible to look at previous guild showdown winners and losers, to check the rules and upcoming matches, to view team list and possible rewards. To be eligible to enter a team in a Rise of Mythos Guild Showdown, a guild must rank within the top 20 guilds in weekly contribution. The fee of creating a guild is 5000 silver, and therefore the creator becomes a guild leader. 

The video game Rise of Mythos is a free game that you can play without money and there is a chance to be competitive. Only time you need to put in money is if you want to buy VIP packs. The only thing this game will take away from you is time because of the daily activities.

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