Thursday, 21 April 2016

10+ Types of Green Tea

According to Wikipe there are 17 types of green tea! Check out our healthy enzo organic matcha at

Sencha (煎茶, decocted tea)

1st and 2nd flushes of green tea made from leaves grown in sunlight.

This is the most common green tea in Japan.

Fukamushicha (深蒸し茶, long-steamed green tea)

Steamed two times longer than usual Sencha, giving it a deeper color and fuller flavor

Gyokuro (玉露, Jade Dew)

is grown under the shade rather than the full sun for approximately 20 days

Kabusecha (冠茶, covered tea)

Leafs grown in the shade prior to harvest not for as long as Gyokuro

Tamaryokucha (玉緑茶, lit. ball green tea)

Sungrown, picked, and placed in a revolving drum and dried with hot air.

Bancha (番茶, coarse tea)

Lower grade of Sencha harvested as a 3rd- or 4tg-flush tea between summer and autumn.

Kamairicha (窯煎茶, pan-fired tea)

Pan-fired green tea that does not undergo the usual ste


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